Upgrade Promotional Gifts for More Success

The purpose of promotional gifts is to get the name and logo of the business seen by as many people as possible. Once the gift has been handed to the customer, trade show visitor, members of a school group, or those attending the community event, it begins to provide a return on the investment.

A Larger Return

Businesses realize a larger return on that investment the more the item is used in public. Selection of the right gift can mean the logo will be seen by hundreds of people on a regular basis. A gift that is only used by the recipient means the benefit to the business ends there. Business owners who are not satisfied with the level of return may want to revisit their strategy.

Consider Pens

There are some situations when pens with the business logo will result in the success expected for the promotion. A pharmaceutical company, for example, supplies pens to hospitals, medical offices, clinics, and dentists. Those pens will be used and seen by thousands of people because they are needed to sign in, fill out forms, record information, and make notes on charts and schedules. That gift provides a full return on the investment.

Pens given as promotions by the local dry cleaner or included with a purchase of office supplies may be used at home or at a work desk. A pen may even end up in the car or a junk drawer. The logo is only noticed by the person who uses it. A business could pass out large numbers of pens and experience little to zero increase in business and revenues.

Try a Different Approach

Instead of buying a thousand pens very few people will see, use the limited resources for a gift that will be used in public and seen by more people. A tote bag is an ideal example. Purchasing five-hundred tote bags printed with the logo will probably result in more success.

Not as many customers will get one, but those who do will use it on a regular basis. The larger size makes the logo clear and visible from a longer distance. Potential customers will notice the colorful logo on the bus or subway, in the grocery store, or on campus.

Marketing ideas are available on promotional company websites and blog pages. Selection assistance from the experienced staff is also available.